The owner and content creator behind Calming. Adilene is Mortgage Loan processor. She is a naturopath advocate, action oriented with sharp focus. You can find her writing new project ideas and goals to think about before going to sleep. She is an active author, recently publishing her second book and blogging in her multiple websites.


Everyone enjoys their lives best in a moment of calmness. Calming has faith in the results of CBD, a highly researched cannabis compound, to aid with relieve for the following symptoms: pain, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, insomnia and more. People of all cultures, lifestyles and ages are turning to CBD as an alternative to the crushing pharma industry and the effects are noticeable. It’s bringing us moments of calmness, and she believes that’s a significant achievement.


The products she affiliates and promotes through her website are naturally grown and made by the most modern technology. The main product line she promotes is named My Calm and CBD isolate, oils, tinctures, creams and capsules are packaged with precision on quantity. The ingredients are cultivated and harvested in the USA, every last batch is tested, traceable, and only released to you when they achieve the highest of quality. They value strong ethics and create products that are fair, ethical and organic. Crafted in FDA-certified labs, their products empower the healthy lifestyle we all deserve.


Calming was created with providing relieve in mind. Adilene knew CBD products could be integrated widely over the next decades and stay for generations to come. She knew that using pharma is becoming increasingly unpopular, people are currently looking for more natural based solutions. As a whole, we needed a naturally sourced product that were safe to use. With that in mind we began this store to connect people with CBD products with ease. She attempts to do her part to relieve pain and aches for all.