Moon Guide for Manifestations

We are all powerful energy fields, that have a vibration frequency that matches how we feel. The way we feel is created by the type of thoughts we have, all the thoughts that bring us joy are the once that let us rise to a high vibration. The rest that we think are neutral are actually falling into the low vibration category.


We can use methods that are enhancing to our vibration to enter into the vibration frequency where all our manifestations are already lined up for us.

Aligning your desire to manifest with the phases of the moon can give you more energetic back up to set you up for success.

You begin the exciting process when there is a new moon, following along with the instructions of each moon change.



Days of the year 2020 that are New Moon that you still have the chance to try this:

  • July 20
  • August 18
  • September 17
  • October 16
  • November 15
  • December 14

The days of Full Moon this year when your celebrate the manifestations that have been revealed:

  • August 3
  • September 2
  • October 2 & 31
  • November 30
  • December 30

The manifestations are suppose to be made on the New Moon and ends at a Waxing Crescent on the 8th phase of the moon:

  • New Moon
  • Waxing Crescent
  • First Quarter
  • Waxing Gibbous
  • Full Moon
  • Waxing Gibbous
  • Last Quarter
  • Waxing Crescent

The moon phases require that you focus only on one thing for each phase:

New Moon – Reset

This phase is for setting your intentions, feel your intentions in your body. Be very detailed in your desires, to the point that you can imagine it in your mind being there and experiencing your dreams with all your senses. Dig deep into what you want from the universe and the real reasons behind what you want. Write down in your journal this manifestations you are setting forward.

Waxing Crescent – Refine

This time is to refine your wishes by relaxing into your intentions. You breath, and feel as if your intentions are in sync with your vibration. Meaning all the things you ask for already exist vibrationally. The only reason they are not in your existence is because you are not vibrationally aligned. An example would be, the cruise trip you want to take is already available but the funds for that trip will appear in your life when your vibration is high enough to let that manifestation in. The way to let it in, is by releasing any thoughts of doubt or unworthiness to obtain what you want.

First Quarter – Action

Now it is time called for action when you let your intuition guide you. Do what feels right to you, even if it may be scary because you can not see the end results right away. Take risks based on what you know is right for your vision to become your new reality. It is good to remember that you must take steps, do not wait for the right moment. Simply start, begin and the process will guide you itself.

Waxing Gibbous – Trust

There has to be complete trust from your part, that your manifestations are already in your vibration. At this time you will be experiencing things that are preparing you for you to receive what intended to manifest. This will build you slowly to be able to feel ready and open to receiving. Also, understanding that you have to trust the timing will be perfect.

Full Moon – Celebrate

At this time you will see your manifestations become fulfilled for this reason be sure to remain very present and in sink with the moment. Followed by releasing your expectations and detaching yourself to any outcomes. Let go completely, for this part there are many ideas that can help.


Here is a bulletin of other recommended things to do on a full moon:

  • Journaling manifestations and burning paper
  • Light a candle and let it burn
  • Cleaning your home
  • Exercise to move your energy
  • Visualize your future in perfect detail
  • Meditate and go within

Waxing Gibbous – Receive

This phase is to soak in all the achievements by being grateful, this to help you absorb all revelations made during the Full Moon. Remain open to receiving with an attitude of gratitude.

Last Quarter- Breathe

At this moment you want to allow all the transformation of your accomplishments to fully emerge with gracefulness.

Waxing Crescent – Reflect

Take this time to relax and reflect on all your achievements. Prepare for new set of achievements.